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The Liberation of Palmyra will Give Confidence to the Syrian army

National Defence Forces field commander Ahmad Muhammad stated, that the liberation of Palmyra will give confidence to the Syrian army and become an important milestone on the path to the liberation of the whole territory of Syria from terrorists.
He also expressed confidence that the Syrian army will be able to keep Palmyra. According to field commander, ISIS terrorists were weaker this time as the government forces opened multiple fronts in Palmyra, Raqqa and Aleppo.
Let us remind you that Palmyra has been under control of terrorists since May 2015. In the middle of May 2017 Syrian army under support of Russian air force managed to liberate Palmyra, however in December of the same year ISIS terrorists recaptured the city and destroyed a number of monuments. Marc 2, 2017 it was reported that governmental forces for the second time took Palmyra. The retreating rebels tried to destroy the ancient monuments, but were forced to abandon their positions.

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