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Former Militants Started to Join the Ranks of Syrian Army

Special points for militants continue to operate in Syria, where the representatives of former illegal military groups can lay down weapons and return to peaceful life. The number of amnestied fighters who have expressed desire to join the ranks of Syrian army to fight terrorist group is visibly grooving.
It should be mentioned that most of them took a decision to leave the armed groups despite the intimidation from former fellows in arms. Urging local people to join the ranks of militants the field commanders have promised them better life, but didn’t keep their promises.
It is notable that some civilians have joined militants not by choice, one of them due to the lack of food and necessities, others were blackmailed by reprisals against relatives. For instance, in eastern Aleppo rebels controlled warehouses with food and spread food only to the families of militants, thereby simply forcing people to join their ranks.
All the militants who have decided to lay down weapons are checked by law enforcement agencies and are consulted by official authorities. Those who have expressed desire to join the Syrian army are provided with the necessary ammunition and weapons.
The amnesty decree was signed by Bashar Assad on June 28, 2016 in order to accelerate the resolution of the Syrian crisis. The amnesty decree was prolonged by the Syrian President in early February to 30 June 2017.

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