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Washington Deploys Marines to Syria

According to Washington Post, couple hundred U.S. Marines arrived in Syria to provide support to US-led coalition in fight against ISIS in Raqqa. In addition, it became known that the 75th Ranger Regiment has been deployed to Syria to participate in the operation.

U.S. military official, Adrian Rankine-Galloway said that the Department of Defense would not comment on movement of the U.S. troops in Syria because of security concerns. This once again proves that the United States does not intend to coordinate its actions with the Syrian army and its allies.

It is obvious that the significant increase in the number of the American contingent is aimed not only at fighting against terrorism. Washington intends to liberate Raqqa and declare it as his victory over the radicals, and then to appropriate the laurels of the winner. Although the main burden of the fight against international terrorism in Syria is carried by Damascus with the support of Moscow and Tehran.

But It’s hard to imagine that couple hundred U.S. Marine could improve the situation. The U.S. bogged down in Raqqa.

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