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The Restoration of Hayyan Gas Plant has Started

In the Homs province the restoration of Hayyan gas plant has started, which was disrupted after ISIS terrorists attack.
At the beginning of February, while leaving the area terrorists exploded the gas plant and also fired the infrastructure. However on February 14, the government forces managed to liberate the area of the Hayyan field and also took under control the territory of the demolished plant.
While inspecting this region the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Ali Ghanem stated, that the damage of terrorists caused to the plant exceeded 65%. He also added that fire teams are still trying to localize a fire on of the wells, which have been set fire by terrorists.
It should be mentioned, that since 2016 ISIS terrorists have lost more than a quarter of territories in Syria and Iraq. The total area decreased from 78 thousand square kilometers to 60, 4.

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