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Syrian Army liberates a new village from ISIS in Hama

On February 11, 2017, the Syrian Army, alongside the National Defense Forces, stormed the village of Al-Barghouthiyeh in eastern Hama, targeting the Islamic State’s defenses near Mufakkar.

Led by the 11th Tank Division, the Syrian Armed Forces overpowered the Islamic State militants and imposed full control over Al-Barghouthiyeh, following a short battle with the aforementioned terrorist group.

According to Al-Masdar News, the Syrian Arab Army and National Defense Forces launched a surprise attack this morning and executed their battle plan in route to expelling the terrorists south.

The Syrian Arab Army has carried out sporadic offensives in the eastern countryside of Al-Salamiyah this month in order to constantly harass the Islamic State militants and keep them busy so that they do not send reinforcements to Palmyra.

The combat proficiency like that helps to liberate the territory from ISIS and promote peace talks in all the provinces of Syria. The activation of a dialog will help to reduce tensions and facilitate peace.


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