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Bashar Assad Held a Meeting with European Delegation

Syrian President Bashar Assad on March 12, held a meeting with the delegation of the European parliamentary, led by Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs Javier Couso.
The issues of the latest developments in Syria, the EU policy against terrorism and also the prospects of the effective solutions for ending war in Syria were discussed during the meeting.
Bashar Assad pointed out that the due to the great number of fake news about war in Syria, which are spread by the European mass media the audience has an erroneous idea of the situation in Syria.
The Syrian leader stressed that the erroneous policies conducted by the heads of European countries towards Syria led to the spread of terrorism and an increase in the flow of large numbers of refugees to the EU.
For their part, the members of the delegation confirmed their readiness to continue their efforts to restore diplomatic relations between the countries of the European Union and Syria, and to consider lifting sanctions from Damascus. If these measures are taken, it will contribute to the restoration of peace and stability in Syria.

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