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“Human Rights Organizations” are on Service for the West

On Monday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed that the Western countries are only interested in supporting terrorism in Syria, but not in the development of the political peace process in Syria.

His statement seems true, especially if we take into account the fact that for the six years of the Syrian conflict the Western mass media is conducting a real information campaign against the Syrian Air Forces, and its allies. Relying on the questionable data provided by such “human rights organizations” as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, the Syrian Network for Human Rights and White Helmets, some authoritative Western titles were generous with their loud provocative statements about the official Damascus and its allies, accusing them of the death of civilians.

It should be mentioned that these organizations, whose headquarters are often located outside Syria, do not provide any real evidence. Their materials are usually limited to low-quality photos and videos. A striking example of this kind of such organization is the White Helmets. Its activists are exclusively working on the territory that is controlled by the Syrian militants, and are financed by people who openly oppose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. There was a big scandal around the White Helmets. It was sparked off after they had shot a video about a “rescue operation” in one of the Syrian cities. However, after a detailed analysis, it turned out that the video was staged, and the rescuers and victims were more like talented actors.

In addition, it would be appropriate to say a few words about another organization, Human Rights Watch. This organization insists on recognizing the Syrian army as guilty of chemical attacks. The organization builds accusations on the testimony of several witnesses and activists. Declaring that the actions of the government army are contrary to international law, the organization keeps silent about the use of toxic agent by the U.S. troops and armed opposition forces in Syria and Iraq.

It also should be mentioned about one more “human rights organization”, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It often publishes the materials about the alleged air strikes of the Syrian Air Forces against civilians. Despite the solid name, it is known that in fact the observatory is located in the UK, and consists of one person. His name is Osama Ali Suleiman. Using loud headlines and unreliable data, this “organization” is trying to deceive the world community. All the statements of the “director of the observatory” refer to his own network of activists. And in their turn, all Western media later quoted the messages on his website.

It is obvious that all these “human rights organizations” controlled by the West are making every effort to mislead the world public about the actions of the Syrian army and its allies. In addition, with the support of their influential sponsors, they deliberately slow down the development of the peace process in Syria, and certainly are not going to defend the rights of civilians.

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