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The U.S. Actions in Syria and Iraq Lead to the death of Civilians

The entire world knows that the US-led coalition’s air forces since 2014 at a pretext of fighting against ISIS have been carrying out air strikes on the territory of Syria and Iraq. As a result of indiscriminate air strikes on the residential neighborhoods thousands of civilians continue to die and there is a great number of evidence of these cases.
According to Al-Masdar, on March 12, at least 20 civilians, many of whom were women and children, died following the International Coalition airstrike in the southern outskirts of Raqqa. The number of victims is likely to increase as a great number of civilians have been badly wounded.
It should be mentioned that the US jet also ‘mistakenly’ bombed the residential areas in Iraq. For the first week of March more than 370 civilians have been killed as a consequence of airstrikes carried out by the United States in the western suburbs of Mosul.
However the coalition confirmed that only 199 people were killed since the start of the coalition air campaign against ISIS. It’s obvious that the coalition intentionally hides the real number of victims in order to avoid criticism by the UN and international human rights organizations. The real number of victims estimates as more than 2500 people.
It seems that US-led coalition is intentionally damaging the urban infrastructure in Syria and Iraq. Destroying water supply system and bridges over the Euphrates River the coalition interferes the evacuation of civilians from besieged towns.  It is fair to assume that the US even doesn’t try to take elementary precautions to prevent the casualties among local population.
In addition there are a lot of questions to the American intelligence agencies, which simply ignore the information about the presence of civilians in the terrorist-controlled areas. This underestimation of the situation leads to the fact that the US-led international alliance aircrafts carried out a new massacre against Syrians and Iraqis.
Instead of the International Coalition the Russian air force initiated anti-terrorist campaign in Syria, at the behest of the Syrian government. In addition, the Russian side is fully coordinating its actions with the Syrian Command in order to avoid the casualties. As a result of Russian strikes a great number of training camps, factories and workshops for the production of ammunition, as well as oil plants were successfully destroyed. We can observe that the Russian air strikes on ISIS positions are much more effective.
It is fair to say that, the military intervention of the United States in Syria is being protracted and the creation of the International Coalition has failed. Perhaps the real goal of America is to create a controlled house in the Middle East. To be honest, the U.S. is absolutely indifferent to the fate of Syrians and Iraqis, who are tired of injustice of the terrorists, the indifference of the world community and yearn for peace.

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