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The negotiations in Astana extended for a day

Director of the Asia and Africa Department of the Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry, Aydarbek Tumatov, said that the third round of the Syrian talks in Astana would be extended for one day in connection with the planned arrival of the delegation of the armed opposition of Syria. It is expected that at the meeting the issue of separation of terrorist groups and moderate opposition will be discussed.

Tumatov also said that the delegation of the Syrian armed opposition would consist of seven people representing the Northern and Southern fronts, and that it would arrive in Astana on Wednesday evening.

In addition, it is known that on Thursday the representatives of the Syrian armed opposition intend to hold consultations on issues of truce with the experts of the guarantor countries.

This step once again proves the dependence of these groups on the decisions and will of their patrons, in particular the Turkish regime.

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