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The Lack of Syrian Opposition didn’t affect Astana Talks

According to the Kazakhstan press service, the delegation of the armed Syrian opposition took a decision to skip the third round of intra-Syrian talks in Astana.
For his part, yesterday evening Chief of Staff of the Free Syrian Army Ahmed Berri stated, the Syrian finally had taken a final decision not to send its representatives to the Syrian talks in Astana.
The head of the Syrian delegation Bashar al-Jaafari said, that Astana Talks succeeded despite the lack of the Syrian opposition groups, which had missed the talks under the pressure of Turkey. According to him, Syria, Iran and Russia are making efforts to reach the positive results of the Syrian talks in Astana.
In this scenario the representatives of the armed opposition don’t want to contact the Syrian government directly. They try to do their best in order to slow down the negotiation process, which is aimed at the speedy settlement of the Syrian crisis.
Let us remind you, that the third round of the Syrian peace talks was held in the capital of Kazakhstan on March 14-15. The representatives of the guarantor states (Iran, Russia and Turkey), Syrian government, Jordan, UN as well as the delegation from the United States took part in the talks.

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