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Summary of armed clashes March 10–March 16

In accordance to the Joint Agreement on complex settling the Syrian conflict, ceasefire regime has been established starting from 00:00 on December 30, 2016.
The number of Syrian opposition groups which joined the ceasefire regime remained 64.
Syrian army since the beginning of the year has liberated the total area of 3,169 square kilometers. The combat proficiency like that helps to liberate the territory from ISIS and promote peace talks in all the provinces of Syria. The activation of a dialog will help to reduce tensions and facilitate peace, especially in the Damascus and in the Hama provinces.
The number of settlements which have been liberated by the Syrian Army from ISIS reached 173.
According to the Russia-Turkey Commission on violations of the Joint Agreement, within week Russian side has registered 24 cases of violations in the provinces of Damascus (13), Latakia (3), Hama (7) and Aleppo (1).
Turkish part registered 82 cases of violations in the provinces of Aleppo (21), Damascus (18), Homs (16), Latakia (1), Hama (11), Daraa (17) and Idlib (9).
The Russian side didn’t confirmed 82 cases of ceasefire violation, which had been registered by the Turkish side.

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