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The Restoration of Thermoelectric Power Plant has Started in Aleppo

The restoration of thermoelectric power station, which was partly destroyed during the retreat of militants from the city, has started. The station is located 10 kilometers east to Aleppo. It should be noted, that this largest in the Middle East.  Early it provided with electricity not only to Syrian cities, but also exported some of the electricity to Turkey, Jordan and Iraq.
The station continued to operate even it was captured by militants in 2014. The complex looks intact outside, but the key mechanisms including transformers, generators and monitoring control systems were damaged.
It is impossible to buy the major part of details from the United States because of the imposed sanctions. It seems that the terrorists have intentionally destroyed the equipment in order to complicate the life of ordinary Syrians, who suffer the lack of electricity.
However the Syrian authorities have already made a deal with Russian side on the supply of the equipment. The Russian delegation has already visited Syria and made a list of necessary mechanisms. If one of the power generators be restored it will yield 230 megawatt of electricity. It will be enough to supply all the inhabitants of Aleppo.

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