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The New Plan of Trump against ISIS Looks Like Obama’s One

According to NBC News, the new plan of Donald Trump to defeat ISIS that he is going to approve looks much like Obama’s one. This plan includes the continuation of the International Coalition bombings and lending support to the Kurdish forces in order to regain control over Mosul and Raqqa.
The plan also proposes to deprive ISIS of income steam and to establish the stable situation over the regions, which have already been liberated from the terrorists.
The plan which has been proposed to Trump by the Pentagon is a slow and gradual step in the fight against terrorism which cannot be considered as effective measures. It should be noted, that the similar idea of Obama was criticized by Tramp during his election campaign. And now he is going to approve the same plan without any changes.
Hopefully, it is only the preliminary plan of the defense department and the final version of it will be much more effective in struggle against ISIS and be determined to the real needs of Syrian, who are tired of injustice of the terrorists, the indifference of the world community and yearn for peace.

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