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Emmanuel Macron: The situation around Syria is a Defeat for Europe

French presidential nominee Emmanuel Macron in an interview given to France 2 named the current situation around Syria as a serious defeat for France and for the whole Europe.
Macron emphasized that only Iran and Russia take decisive measures on Syrian peace settlement. He also expressed hope that in the near future France would be able to find the political settlement of the Syrian crisis, which would imply the unity of the conflict sides.
It should be mentioned, that Emmanuel Macron is a principal candidate. Hopefully the nominee will uphold his election promises and in case of victory do his best to accelerate the political settlement of the Syrian crisis. In addition, with the growing of European politicians who are really interested in the resolving the issues of Syrians, the negotiation process in Astana and Geneva can be improved. Due to the initiatives and practical measures the authoritative politicians will find the new ways to intensify the dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition.

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