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The Official Damascus and the Syrian Opposition Confirmed their Readiness to Take Part in the Next Round of Syrian Talks

The representative of High Negotiations Committee (HNC) Yehya al-Aridi confirmed that the Syrian oppositions would take part in the next round of Syrian talks in Geneva, which is scheduled for March 23.
According to him, HNC is quite serious about the upcoming round of talks. Al-Aridi also added that the Syrian opposition groups have already discussed the issue of fight against terrorism and the document of 12 items, which has been presented by Staffan de Mistura at the previous round.
Yehya al-Aridi said that the representatives of Jaysh al-Islam, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces and other independent Syrian oppositionists would form the united delegation of HNC.
Earlier today the delegation of the official Damascus headed by the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Jaafari also confirmed its participation in the new round of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva.
Let us remind you, that the 4th round of Syrian talks in Geneva under UN auspices finished on March 3. The only one result of the talks has become the agreement of the parties on the agenda for the subsequent rounds.

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