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De Mistura is accused of bias

Recently, UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, draws more attention to himself. Lots of people believe that he doesn’t cope with his duties, because the negotiation process on Syria has come to a deadlock.

In addition, the UN representative is accused of being more involved in trying to extend the term of his office, rather than resolving the Syrian crisis. After all, as it is known, the term of office of the special envoy will soon expire.

Two days ago, the Syrian authorities refused to accept Staffan de Mistura, who intended to visit Damascus on the eve of a new round of the talks on Syria in Geneva, which is scheduled for March, 23.

A source close to the Syrian parliament stated that UN Special Envoy hindered the negotiation process and hampered the dialogue on the settlement of the conflict. Not only the representatives of the Syrian authorities, express their dissatisfaction with the diplomat, but also the internal opposition.

It should be mentioned that criticism against de Mistura is not groundless. The negotiation process in Geneva has not reached any successful results, whereas, the dialogue in Astana has shown its effectiveness. Despite attempts to disrupt the process, there are successfully discussed the issues of maintaining armistice, separation of the armed opposition from terrorists, as well as the post-war structure of Syria, including the creation of a constitutional commission for the development of a new constitution for Syria.

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