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Imad Khamis Held a Meeting with the Syrian Mothers

Yesterday Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis held a meeting with Syrian mothers, who brought up their sons on the love of the homeland and gave birth to those heroes who sacrificed their lives to defend the country.
Meeting a number of mothers in Harasta suburb in Damascus countryside, Khamis conveyed President Bashar  al-Assad’s greetings and appreciation to the Syrian mothers, particularly the mothers of martyrs.
Premier Khamis went on to say “they wanted to destroy Syria but you, the Syrian mothers, prevented them with your sacrifices and patience despite the daily suffering and challenges imposed by the war.”
He said that the Syrian women proved their heroism and stood side by side with members of the Syrian army and armed forces in their battle against terrorism.
The Premier listened to the details of mothers’ daily life in al-Assad suburb, their problems and concerns regarding schools, water, electricity and other basic needs.

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