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U.S. International Coalition Struck Civilians Again

This morning the jets of the International Coalition committed another crime against innocent population of Syria, striking a school building, which is located in the settlement of Al-Mansoura, in the western part of Raqqa.
As a result of airstrike more than 30 civilians died, most of whom are women and children. It is also reported that the building of the school was completely destroyed. These way more than 50 families who had been forced to leave their homes in Aleppo, Homs and Raqqa lost their last shelter.
The International Coalition led by the U.S. has been illegally operating in Syria since 2014 without the approval of UN Security Council and also refuses to coordinate its actions with the Syrian government. As a result of mistaken actions thousands of Syrians have been killed. It sounds strange that this fact does not cause condemnation in the media and once again proves the indifference of the international community to the problems of Syrians.

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