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Syrian Army continues Offensive in Deir-Hafer

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, Syrian army units under support of militia troops continued offensive on ISIS positions at the Deir Haher’s door in Aleppo province.
Syrian army also managed to take under fire control the key part of Aleppo-Raqqa highway, which is the main supply source of terrorists. For the past few days government troops have forced terrorists out of the strategic heights and liberated a number of settlements in the surroundings areas. So the terrorists who are seiged in the town are also surrounded from all the directions.
Let us remind you that Deir Hafer is located 50 kilometers from Aleppo. The city has been under control of terrorists since 2013. Late last year the city of Deir Hafer became the place of terrorist gatherings, who had been forced to leave Manbij and Al-Bab. In addition, there are a lot of terrorists, who cover Raqqa from the northern direction.

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