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France’s Defence Minister: Raqqa Offensive to Begin in Days

The Independent reported that France’s defence minister said the battle for Raqqa would start in the coming days. Jean-Yves Le Drian said Raqqa is a “major objective” for the US-led coalition, adding that it would be “a very hard battle but it would be an essential battle.”

It should be mentioned that Syria’s UN ambassador said hundreds of the U.S. personnel are “invading my country” and insisted any effort to liberate the city should be done in coordination with the Damascus government.

Bashar Jaafari also insisted that American warplanes had bombed a school in the village of Mansoura, west of Raqqa, a day earlier and were responsible for the deaths of 237 civilians among 500 people fleeing the city. According to him, the US-led coalition is fighting not against terrorists, but against civilians in Syria.



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