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Coalition Air Strikes Kill Civilians in Syria and Iraq

Recently, it is often reported about devastating consequences of the US-led coalition air strikes, which kill civilians.

According to Airwars, a non-profit organization, that monitors and assesses reports of civilian casualties allegedly caused by the Coalition, almost 1,000 civilian non-combatant deaths have already been alleged from coalition actions across Iraq and Syria in March, 2017. It is also stressed that it is a record high level of losses for the whole time of the “anti-terrorist” operation in Iraq and Syria.

After the reports about the casualties appeared in the mass media, the Pentagon urgently decided to launch a formal investigation into the stated number of civilian casualties. However, the Western media continues to exert every effort to shift responsibility for the death of civilians to ISIL terrorists.

In its turn, Airwars identified three major events, which have been occurred in a short period of time, and led to the death of several hundred civilians. Thus, on March 17, the U.S. Air Force carried out air strikes on a mosque near Aleppo in Syria. According to the Turkish Haberyirmi, the attack killed at least 70 civilians. It should be mentioned that the Pentagon hasn’t taken any responsibility for the attack, saying that it was carried out against the positions of the terrorists.

The second attack was conducted on March 20, 2017. That time the coalition aviation hit a school in Al-Badia Al-Ad Dakhiliyah in the south of Al-Mansur (near Raqqa). As a result of the attack, dozens of civilians were killed and injured, most of them were women and children. In addition, the Turkish Anadolu noted that the air strike led to the “almost complete destruction of the school”, which was serving as a home for 50 families from Aleppo, Raqqa, and Homs.

The third attack was conducted on March 23, when the coalition aviation struck at the Iraqi Mosul. It is known that the Coalition targeted three buildings, in the cellars of which were people. Iraqi military officials claimed that the air strikes killed more than 200 people.

The New York Times reported that nowadays for the Coalition command it is difficult to answer whether dropped bombs or explosive devices of ISIL terrorists led to the mass death of people in Mosul. However, Major-General Maan al-Saadi of Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service claimed that people were killed as a result of the U.S. attack.

It also should be mentioned that the Iraqi authorities decided to suspend the operation in Mosul because of the increasing number of victims among the civilians.

However, despite the fact that these incidents occurred in such a short period of time and led to so many casualties, the Coalition command openly declares that the US military will not give up its tactics, even if it threatens the civilian population. It is difficult to say, how long Washington’s bloody campaign in the Middle East will be conducted. Obviously, using an “anti-terrorist” operation as cover, the Coalition again and again conducts indiscriminate attacks against civilians.

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