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Second Group of Militants to Leave Al-Waer District of Homs

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, within the framework of truce agreement aimed at speedy settlement of the Syrian crisis and the restoration of statehood in Syria, the second group of militants have left Al-Waer neighborhood in the western suburbs of Homs.
It should be mentioned that at least 390 militants and their families have left the region to Idlib. It is planned to evacuate more than 1500 people.
Let us remind you, that the Syrian authorities in mid-March reached an agreement with the representatives of militants, according to which they are obliged to leave the Al-Waer district within 1.5 months. On March 18 the first group of 1479 militants with their families left Homs.
The liberation of this neighborhood possesses importance for the Syrian government, as after the evacuation of all the militants the city will pass into the control of the Syrian army.

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