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Syrian Government Agreed on the Evacuation of Civilians from Idlib

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, within the framework of truce agreement aimed at speedy settlement of the Syrian crisis and the restoration of statehood in Syria, more than 8,000 civilians will be evacuated to Hama and Latakia from the besieged Shia villages of Fuah and Kefraya in Idlib.
Syrian authorities managed to reach an agreement with armed groups according to which, residents of two blocked settlements will be allowed to leave the area. In exchange, 8,000 militants will have an opportunity to leave the cities of Madaya and Zabadani, located in the province of Rif-Dimashk, without hindrance.
It should be mentioned, that Syrian President Bashar Assad outlined the fight against terrorism and the process of local ceasefire at this stage as two primary goals for the Syrian people.

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