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Tabqa Dam was Partly Destroyed

According to up-to-date information, the Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates River was partly destroyed, despite the statement of Syrian Democratic Forces officials which had been realized yesterday.
Allegedly the dam was destroyed during an air raid of the International Coalition jets on March 26. As a result of the strike two covers in the southern part of the dam, designed to ensure the discharge of water and to prevent the overflow of the reservoir were partly destroyed. The consequences of these damages can lead to an ecological catastrophe, the flooding of the region and numerous human casualties.
Let us remind you, that the International Coalition jets has been illegally conducting airstrikes in Syria under pretext of fighting against terrorism and assisting Kurdish forces  to liberate Raqqa. As a result of their actions thousands of civilians die and critical infrastructure is intentionally destroyed, complicating post-war reconstruction as much as possible.

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