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Militants Continue to Leave Homs

More than 530 militants from the northern part Homs took a decision to return to peaceful life according to the amnesty decree. Another part of militants and their families will be sent to Idlib.
Let us remind you that on March 18 started the implementation of armistice agreement in Al-Waer. During the first stage 423 militants and 1056 members of their families refused to surrender and were sent to town of Jarablus bordering with Turkey. After the militants leave Al-Waer the city of Homs will pass into the control of Syrian government.
Due to an agreement with Syrian government militants have an opportunity to leave the area with one assault rifle and a magazine case. To ensure security on the route of the militant’s column, the units of the Syrian army will be placed along the way.
Currently the Syrian authorities negotiating the withdrawal of militants from the cities of Rastan and Talbiseh, located 10 kilometers from Homs.

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