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Pentagon Admits US-led Coalition Air Strikes Kill Civilians in Mosul

The Pentagon admitted that on March 17, the coalition Air Force killed more than 200 civilians in the Iraqi Mosul.  This was also confirmed by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, who heads the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria. In addition he decided to shift the responsibility to ISIL, saying that the radicals deliberately kept civilians in houses that had become targets of the air strikes.

Concerns about the actions of the international coalition have been already expressed in the UN. Farhan Haq, the Deputy of the UN Secretary-General, said that the UN expects the coalition to launch an investigation into this case. Haq stressed that this incident was the deadliest one in three years of the coalition’s “anti-terrorist operation.”

In addition, the coalition air strikes were condemned by the Iraqi government. Iraqi President Fuad Masum described the current situation in Mosul as a “humanitarian disaster”, the victims of which are civilians.

Obviously, this time the command of the international coalition wants avoid responsibility for the deaths of civilians as a result of its indiscriminate air strikes. However, if the United Nations still manages to conduct an independent and impartial investigation, perhaps, the US-led coalition will no longer feel so unpunished.

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