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Bashar al-Jaafari: no progress at Geneva 5 negotiations

Yesterday, at a press conference held after the end of the fifth round of the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva, head of the Syrian delegation Bashar al-Jaafari said the other sides of the negotiations failed to response to the papers and proposals submitted by Damascus.

“During this round of Geneva 5, we submitted through the course of eight days several papers to the Special Envoy, the first of them being a paper on fighting terrorism, and a paper of general principles for the political solutions in Syria. These papers are about finding logical and natural grounds for addressing constitution issues. Of course, during these eight days we discussed in headlines the four baskets which are governance, constitution , elections, and terrorism, in addition to the basic principles paper which was part of our discussion about each of the four baskets,” he said.

Regrettably, the other parties refused to discuss the issues introduced by the Syrian delegation and went on accusing Damascus of ‘war crimes’ and ‘terrorism’.
Nevertheless, al-Jaafari stressed the importance of continuing to hold the Astana and Geneva meetings and insuring the success of the Russian and Iranian efforts on the Astana track, as these efforts contribute greatly to achieving steps in Geneva 6.

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