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US Coalition Confirmed the Deaths of 396 Civilians in Syria and Iraq since 2014

The US-led international coalition acknowledged the deaths of at least 396 civilians as a result of its airstrikes in Syria and Iraq since the beginning of the counter-terrorism operation. This was announced by the Central command of the Unites States Armed Forces.

According to the press service of the Combined Joint Task Force, “to date, based on data between August 2014 and February 2017, the Coalition conducted a total of 18,645 strikes that included 42,089 separate engagements. During this period, the total number of reports of possible civilian casualties was 396.” Besides, it was also announced that the total number of credible reports of civilian casualties during this period was 102, with 43 still being open and being assessed.

It should be also mentioned that in October and March, Amnesty International accused the coalition of “flagrant violation of international humanitarian law” as the coalition failed to take precautions to prevent high death toll among civilians in Iraqi Mosul and Syria. Amnesty International also called into question the legality of the the U.S.-led coalition’s tactics that caused a “shocking spike in civilian casualties.”

According to the organization the total number of civilian casualties could be more than several thousands of people.

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