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12 Recommendations of the Syrian Commission for the Revision of the Constitution

On March 25-26, 2017 the members of the Syrian Commission for the revision of the constitution in Geneva that took place under the aegis of the political platform of Astana headed by Randa Kassis have agreed to propose the following recommendations concerning the future constitution in Syria:

1) The form and system of government in Syria must be a Parliamentary Republic based on the support of the process of decentralization.

2) The separation of religion and state in the constitution.

3) Preservation of the 4 other religiously inspired civil codes, respecting all international treaties, including humanitarian law and the United Nations Charter.

4) The addition of a fifth civil code, purely secular, that gives the right to Syrian citizens to choose their marital system (without any reference to religion) after the age of 18.

5) The adoption of Kurdish and Syriac as official languages, in addition to Arabic, in the regions having Kurdish and Syriac majority.

6) The future Syrian constitution must guarantee Syrian women’s rights by reinforcing their role and status in society.

7) Separation of the three powers: judicial, executive, and legislative.

8) The constitution has a duty to guarantee an equitable distribution of wealth and resources in Syria between the regions.

9) Compulsory education until the age of 18.

10) The Syrian constitution must recognize the future national laws of all constituents of Syria.

11) The new constitution in Syria has the duty to guarantee the rights of displaced and expatriated Syrian citizens.

12) Each citizen having Syrian nationality for more than ten years has the right to be a candidate in presidential and parliamentary elections.

The next meeting will be dedicated to hearings with several eminent constitutional specialists in the Arab world and in Europe.

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