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Bashar Assad: There is No Moderate Opposition in Syria

In interview given to Croatian newspaper Vecernji List Syrian President Bashar Assad stated, that there is no moderate opposition in Syria and most of them have radical orientation. According to Bashar Assad, the opposition has been subjected to the ideological treatment and doesn’t accept neither dialogue nor solution except terrorism.
Syrian president also said, that this fact keep from reaching agreement with the opposition and slow down the negotiation process in Astana and Geneva, aimed at speedy settlement of the Syrian crisis.
Syrian leader emphasized that the Syrian government has to establish dialogue with the opposition which refuses to lay down weapons and doesn’t want move to political actions. Consequently the Syrian authorities are going to prove to the world community that they are terrorists. In addition, the official Damascus doesn’t cooperate with some European states, including France and Great Britain who have been lending assistance to the armed groups, supplying arms and money for their development. So the cooperation between Syrian and some European states in the sphere of security can’t have fruitful results.

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