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US Continues Supporting Terrorism in Syria

Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tourjman stated that the US aggression on Syria comes in support of terrorist organizations after the heavy losses they have suffered at the hands of the heroes of the Army and Armed forces.
Speaking in a statement to the Syrian TV Channel on Friday, the Minister said the US’s justification of its aggression on Syria using the chemical attack pretext is very silly, stressing that this aggression will not discourage the Syrian Arab Army from continuing its duty to eliminate terrorism.
Tourjman noted that the US aggression came after the big victories which the Syrian army has been achieving in the war against terrorism and the several local reconciliations carried out in many areas and the progress in the political track, adding that the US practices its arrogance with disregard to international norms and laws.
The Minister said that the air base that was attacked by the US is a specialized base in the fight against terrorism striking the Syrian people.

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