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Dozens of Militants with Families Left Al-Waer district

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, more 45 militants that refused to join the peace agreement with the Syrian government have taken decision to left al-Waer with their families. They were transported by three buses to the militant-held area.
Meantime, the Governor General of Homs Tallal Barazi stated that over 420 militants and their families are expected to be evacuated from al-Waer during the fourth stage, adding they will be relocated to the northeastern territories of Homs province. It was also reported that the militants will be replaced to Idlib.
The third group of militants and their families left the al-Waer district in Homs earlier this month. The convoy consisted of around 1,500 people, including 400 militants.
Days ago, the second group of people that left al-Waer and moved to Jarabulus in northern part of Syria along the border with Turkey.

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