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World Community doesn’t Support Trump’s Policy in Syria

German Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel, in the ZDF television channel broadcast called on the US to desist from further military operations in Syria. He also added that U.S. President should re-formulate his principles of foreign policy.

In addition, according to Gabriel, Donald Trump mistakenly relies on a military solution to the conflict, since this tactic will only lead to an escalation of the conflict, as well as the deaths of civilians.

It should be mentioned that the German diplomat isn’t the first one who has criticized Donald Trump’s policy on Syria. His orders weren’t supported even within the U.S. community.

Thus, according to Washington Examiner, Sen. Tim Kaine, said that there was “no legal justification” for President Donald Trump’s action against Syria. He also added that Trump should not carry out this attack without coming to Congress. According to Kaine, the United States does not need a president who can unilaterally unleash a war. Kaine also added that the U.S. foreign policy should not be aimed at changing the government in any country.

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