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International Coalition Destroyed All Bridges in Northern Raqqa

On April 18-19, the International Coalition jets made a number of strikes on the settlement of Hazimah, which is located in northern countryside of Raqqa. As a result of the strike all the bridges across the Euphrates River were totally destroyed.
The American side stated that the target of the strike had been the ISIS gatherings that reinforced in the area of Hazimah.
It should be mentioned, that it is not the first time when the U.S.-led coalition destroys the urban infrastructure of Syria. In early February this year, the coalition aviation also destroyed four bridges, two in Raqqa and another two in the settlement of Al-Calta and Al-Abbara. As a result, the traffic between the northern and southern neighborhoods of Raqqa was partly interrupted.
The U.S. authorities have shown its unwillingness to resolve Syrian crisis by political means. And the indiscriminate strikes on residential areas have caused a great number casualties and the disruption of key infrastructure. The actions of Washington aggravate the crisis and divert Syria from the process of post war reconstruction.
Once again, US-led coalition targets local infrastructure in Syria causing damage to civil life instead of eliminating terrorism.

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