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French Presidential Nominee Blindly Supports U.S. Actions in Syria

On the eve of elections, French presidential nominee Emmanuel Macron in an interview given to France 2 stated, that he completely support the U.S. strike on Syrian air base. In case of victory he is going to keep the same policy. At the same time, Macron without any proves accused Bashar Assad of using chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun on April 7, 2017.
Further Macron said that the elimination of ISIS is a prior goal for his foreign policy.  However he didn’t specify whether he would struggle ISIS in Syria or in France.
It seems that he is quite indifferent for the future of Syria and its nation. He released the statement in order to curry favor with American political elites to enlist the support of voters.
More over this statement contradicts his previous one.  Early in interview to France 2 he also expressed hope that in the near future France would be able to find the political settlement of the Syrian crisis. It is still unclear what has made him to change his point of view.
Instead of creating new political measures aimed at the speedy settlement of the crisis, a number of French politicians make efforts to justify the U.S. actions in Syria. Such statement of  Presidential nominee is unworthy of being part of French politics as it justifies the casualties among civilians and the disruption of key infrastructure.

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