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Expert Meeting on Syria to be Held on May 2

Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tleuberdi in a conversation with journalists stated that the expert meeting on Syria to be held in Astana on May 2, and the next round of the talks on Syrian settlement is scheduled on May 3-4.
According to Deputy Foreign Minister, the representatives of guarantor states (Iran, Russia and Turkey), the  Syrian officials and the armed opposition will arrive in Astana.
He also specified that Kazakhstan would provide the participants with the platform for the talks and the guarantor states should ensure the participation of the armed opposition. As without the participation of all  sides the talk won’t be successful, he added.
Let us remind you that the previous round on Syrian settlement was held in Astana March 14-15. The representatives of guarantor states, UN, Jordan and the Syrian government took part in the talks. The Syrian armed opposition took a decision to sabotage the talks, referring to the alleged ceasefire violation.

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