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The United Kingdom welcomes U.S. sanctions against Syrian scientists

Without waiting for any results of an independent investigation into the recent incident in Syria’s Khan Sheikhun, Washington imposed new sanctions against 271 employees of Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), allegedly involved in the development of chemical weapons, Reuters said referring to a statement of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Sanctions freeze property of Syrian scientists who are in the United States. Also, the measures imposed by the U.S. Treasury Department ban U.S. banks and companies from conducting business with Syrians who are under sanctions.

Traditionally, the U.S. initiative was immediately supported by London. British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, stressed “the important role sanctions play in increasing pressure on the Syrian regime to turn away from its military campaign.” According to Johnson, “sanctions send a clear signal that actions have consequences and seek to deter others from similar acts of barbarism.”

It’s strange to hear such statements from the Western politicians. After all, there isn’t any evidence that the Syrian government had ordered to use chemical weapons. In addition, after independent investigations, it became clear that the United States-backed opposition, not the official Damascus, repeatedly used shells equipped with poisonous substances.

The West stubbornly ignores this. After all, then it is necessary to impose sanctions against militants in Syria and Iraq, that the West, while pursuing a maniacal idea of overthrowing the Syrian government, isn’t able to afford.

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