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Chemical Attack: Old Story at New Stage

Whenever Syria crisis starts heading towards a durable solution, immediately a stage sets and a Chemical attack drama happens. It’s strange that every time world`s reliable and responsible people believe in every old story at a new stage. Most important question is “Who is really responsible for these chemical attacks”?
Extremists groups used Chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria so many times! They openly confess and release videos of these attacks later on but till today no action has been ever taken against those perpetrators by world forces or so called world peace institutions except Syrian government forces which are conducting military operations against these terrorist groups.
Does the use of chemical weapons benefits the Syrian government when the world opinion regarding Bashar al Assad is changing now and a lot of politicians is saying the regime change must be decided by the Syrian people? Since six year fighting with the world’s most powerful countries, can Syrian president Bashar al Assad be considered so foolish? While the operation against terrorist groups all around Syria is at final stage, positive thoughts are developing regarding Syria crises he can’t organize a chemical attack which by all means would spoil all his efforts. On the contrary, It looks like that terrorist groups use such type of tactics to mislead the world and media by presenting false pictures and fabricated videos so that to lessen the pressure applied at them.
Let’s see together what had happened in Khan Shaykhun? Khan Shakhun’s area is under terrorist’s control where terrorist’s ammunition factories are located. When Syrian aircrafts attacked this area, one of these terrorist-controlled ammunition plant came under attack of this bombardment, where medium level chemicals was present. Reality is that few days before this Syrian Jets attacked terrorists in Khan Shaykhun false propaganda against this attack had started.
1.    One of the terrorists’ famous Twitter accounts Al-Zaeem and their supporter TV channel reporter, Fars Karam, had lashed on this air attack a day before, exact translation of this campaign is: Tomorrow we will start campaign against the attacks of Syrian jets at Hama city that chemical weapons are being used against people.

2.    Pictures of children’s effected by these chemical attacks have no connection with this attack. Instead these pictures are taken from different sites and also from different areas, different events and from different movies. For example one cute young girl’s picture in hijab which is viral in social media these days in reality is a fake which had been prepared in Turkey. Such type of propaganda in war-torn areas is not a new thing. Terrorists in Syria and their Western backers crossed all the limits long ago and now they use the Hollywood stage and movie songs for this false propaganda. Statements issued by few European countries, the U.S. president Trump before these attacks, U.S. congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s visit to Syria – all these show that there is no danger for Bashar al Assad’s presidency as the U.S. and few European countries considering ISIS a bigger threat than Bashar al Assad. But it is crystal clear that the change of stance by these countries is due to their failure after six year aggression at Syria, secondly due to losing control over their own-created terrorist groups i.e. ISIS etc.

3.    Only two countries, France and Britain, called for Security Council meeting, while other European countries were demanding fair and impartial investigation and strict action against the culprits which is the same stance taken by Syrian government.

4.    It is also obvious that in near past Syria showed all proofs to world organizations that it has no chemical weapons at all.
In next few days the staged story will be exposed as there are reports that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem is going to hold a press conference. Although the U.S. is saying that if UN take no action then Washington will form his own strategy, but it is yet not clear what actions will be taken. And did the U.S. find any grounds before taking action? Is Israel and few Gulf States’ longtime dream that U.S. would become another party in the Syrian conflict and invade into Syria coming true? In other words, would Syria become a battle field for a direct war between Russia and the U.S.? Answers for all these questions are obvious for every reasonable person.

By: Hasnain Ashraf, Iblagh News

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