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Another ‘investigation’ of Khan Shaykhun incident by West

It’s been more than three weeks since the incident in Khan Shaykhun on April, 4. However, no serious and independent investigation to set who is responsible for that tragedy has been conducted yet. Moreover, despite all the requests from the Syrian government, specialists of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), under dubious pretexts, haven’t even visited the scene to find any evidence.

The fact that the incident in Khan Shaykhun turned into a real tragedy isn’t denied by any of the parties of the conflict. However, unfortunately, the number of states ready to make the Syrian government responsible for the attack without any evidence, is much higher than the number of states intending to carry out a fair investigation. There is only one explanation of this strange behavior – those who have nothing to hide won’t rush things and make hasty conclusions.

Recent reports on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria’s Idlib are a great example of the West’s suspicious activity. Thus, earlier, such papers had been carefully prepared by the USA, Great Britain and Turkey. Now, it is time for France. It seems that these countries aren’t interested in the OPCW involvement in the investigation of the incident.

The report that was published by French Foreign Ministry said that the French services had managed to obtain some samples directly at the scene. The information presented by the French side seems at least contradictory, since to date, Khan Shaykhun is controlled by the armed groups linked with Al-Qaeda. Obviously, this fact puts the reliability of the analysis conducted by the French side in doubt.

Besides, referring to a ‘reliable source’ French Foreign Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, stressed that sarin gas allegedly employed by the Syrian armed forces and security services was developed by the Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC) and involves the use of hexamine as a stabilizer. The authors of this report came to this conclusion basing on the result of comparing the saved samples collected after the previous attacks. However, these “previous attacks” weren’t even mentioned in the report.

Another interesting statement is about a “hand grenade” containing 100 milliliters of sarin that was allegedly dropped from the air. The authors of the report seem to have introduced introduced a new concept. Since them, no one has ever been aware of such kind of a grenade.

Basically, the report prepared by Paris doesn’t differ from the previous ‘investigations’. Rather, even, the French experts based their investigation on the conclusions of their predecessors. So, for example, on April 6, Turkey was the first to claim about the usage of sarin in Khan Shaykhun. This was reported by Turkish Health Minister, Recep Akdag.

The West’s desire to “find the truth” and punish Bashar Assad is most surprising. One thing is clear, it’s not interested in conducting an independent official investigation.

We hope that the world will learn the truth about the incident that occurred in Khan Shaykhun in the nearest future. Yesterday, on April 27, UN Deputy Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric announced the appointment of the the Guatemalan Edmond Mule as the head of the joint UN and OPCW mechanism to investigate the use of poisonous substances in the Syrian conflict. Perhaps, Mule will be able to influence the analysis of what really happened in Syria’s Idlib.

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