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De Mistura to Hold Meetings with All Sides in Astana

Today with the frameworks of the fourth round of Syrian talks in Astana the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura plans to hold closed bilateral meetings with all the sides.
Following the results of the current round the document implicating creation of four zones of reduction of tension in the provinces of Idlib, Homs, and Eastern Ghouta and in the eastern part of Syria is expected to be signed. The document to be signed by the guarantor states (Iran, Russia and Turkey).
It may happen that the sides will pay attention to the issue of setting up a constitutional commission to draft Syria’s new constitution, as this issue has been touched at the previous round, March 14-15.
It should be mentioned that the delegations of the Syrian government and the armed opposition has arrived in the capital of Kazakhstan. The Syrian armed opposition took a decision to sabotage the previous talks, referring to the alleged ceasefire violation.
During the current round de Mistura should make every effort to contribute the development of political dialogue between the sides. As the future of the Syrians who are tired of war and yearn for peace depend on this process.
Let us remind you that the Astana talks are aimed at strengthening ceasefire regime, which has been established in accordance to the agreement signed December 29, 2016. Moreover, the conditions for the direct dialogue between the Syrian government and the armed opposition have been created here, as it required by UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

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