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Syrian Air Force Destroys ISIS Weapons Depot in Homs

Today, the Syrian Air Force (SYAAF) carried out several airstrikes in the eastern countryside of Syria’s Homs, targeting the ISIS positions near Palmyra.

Syrian jets began the day by taking off from the Shayrat airfield in east Homs; they would make their way to the ISIS-held territory in the province, where they would launch a powerful attack.

According to a military source in Homs, the Syrian Air Force destroyed an ISIS weapons depot near the small town of Al-Habra in east Homs.

The weapons depot held a large supply of rockets and ammunition that the Islamic State used to resupply their front-lines in east Homs.

The air force would then turn their attention to the Al-Sha’er front, where they carried out more than a dozen airstrikes on the Islamic State’s positions in this mountainous region.

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