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Another U.S. Pawn Prepare to Enter the Battle in Syria and Iraq?

According to ‘Der Spiegel’ German magazine, Washington intends to involve the alliance in the operation of the US-led international coalition under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Martin Schaefer

German Foreign Ministry Spokesman Martin Schaefer said it’s not a surprise for Berlin. Such a demand was put forward first by the previous US administration. This issue was periodically on the agenda during previous meetings of the foreign ministers of the alliance. However, it is still not entirely clear why the U.S. desire to involve NATO in the operation at the moment.
Martin Schaefer stressed The Cabinet of Germany earlier opposed this initiative, but the situation may change not only due to the new administration in the United States, but also in the connection with the changing geopolitical situation in Syria and Iraq. The decision on the issue will be adopted probably at the NATO summit in Brussels on May 25.
At the moment, the Federal Government is studying the U.S. proposals on putting NATO into action of the Western coalition in Syria and Iraq.
Der Spiegel noticed, the German politicians are skeptical of the Americans’ initiative as the involvement of the alliance may aggravate the situation in the region or complicate the already difficult process of settlement.

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