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Assad: de-escalation zones in Syria is a real chance for militants to lay down arms

Given an interview to Belarusian TV Channel ONT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that the establishment of the de-escalation zones in Syria was a great chance for militants to lay down their arms and get under Amnesty Decree No. 15.

Assad stressed, the primary aim is to protect civilians and give militants an opportunity to reconcile with the state, hand over their weapons in return for amnesty.

            The Syrian leader stressed that he believed the initiative to create de-escalation zones was correct, but mentioned that it would take much time to achieve positive results.

We remind that the largest de-escalation zone is comprised of Idlib province as well as adjoining districts of Latakia, Aleppo, and Hama. Other zones are located in the northern part of Homs, East Ghouta, Daraa, and Quneitra.

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