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Five People Died as a Result of Coalition Strike

At least five civilians died and eight others were badly wounded as a result of indiscriminate air strike of U.S.-led International Coalition in north-eastern part of Syria.
The coalition jets made air strikes on ISIS positions in the settlement of Al-Quria, which is located not far from Deir Ezzor, but once again struck the residential area.
It is also reported, two days ago as a result of a night air strike on the village of al-Salhiya village in north of Raqqa city 11 people died, four of them were children.
Let us remind you, from May 8 through May 11, at least 50 and as many as 70 more Syrian men, women and children died in U.S. or coalition strikes, with another 43-133 wounded casualties, according to media and monitor sources.
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