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Syrian Army Liberated Key Airbase in Eastern Aleppo

According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, Syrian army units backed by the allied forces continuous large-scale advance on ISIS positions in eastern Aleppo neighborhoods and have fully liberated Jarah military airbase.
The government forces initiated attack on the airbase from three directions and managed to capture it after several hours of fierce clashes, eliminating dozens of terrorists. Terrorists also left an army depot and a number of heavy weapons, retreating towards Maskanah region.
Currently the Syrian Army engineer units are defusing bombs and landmines planted by the terrorists in the region. According to the source in Syrian Arab Army’s High Command, after liberating Jarah airbase the troops will liberate the settlement of Maskanah.
The sources stressed that Jarah airbase is now the main command center of the army forces to lead anti-ISIS operation and free Maskanah and other regions in Eastern Aleppo.
In relevant developments in the province on Thursday the army continued military operations in Eastern Aleppo after capturing the town of al-Hadoum, expanding control in Deir Hafer region.

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