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Syrian Ceasefire Guarantor Countries Continue to Develop De-escalation Zones in Syria

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister, Kairat Abdrakhmanov, said that Turkey, Russia and Iran were actively working on implementing a memorandum on establishing de-escalation zones in Syria.
He explained that the work included determining the exact borders of the zones and as well as establishing observer posts and checkpoints along their borders.
In addition, Kairat Abdrakhmanov stressed that the guarantor countries were considering a number of important issues, such as, which parties will carry out control over the de-escalation zones, and who will serve at checkpoints and observer posts.
It should be mentioned that the effectiveness of these zones has already been recognized by the Syrian government, in particular, by Syrian President Bashar Assad. Now, despite repeated violations of the current memorandum, civilians began to feel much safer and calmer.

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