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Militants leave the Eastern suburbs of Damascus en Masse

According to some Inside Syria Media Center sources, about 2,262 peoples have left the Barzeh Quarter, which is the suburb of Damascus city while the third stage of the reconciliation has been going on. More than 1 thousand of them are radicals who refused to lay down their arms. This information is confirmed by the officials including the Governor of Damascus, Bishra As-Sabbana.
Last week, an operation was also carried out to withdraw the fighters from the area of Qaboun district, which had been one of the important strongholds of the terrorists in the eastern suburbs of Damascus.
For more than a month the government troops have been engaged in active combat with al-Nusra terrorists in Qaboun and have been destroying the firing positions of the Islamists. Many of the militants surrounded as a result of the special operation gave their consent to surrender to the authorities in the end and took the advantage of the government amnesty.
It is expected that the southern suburbs of the capital and the Al Yarmouk Camp will be liberated from the terrorists in the coming days.
It should be noticed that the militants take the decision to cease fire and surrender to the authorities to say nothing of taking the advantage of the amnesty or of the desire to left Damascus towards Idlib immediately as they are surrounded by the government troops. Apparently, only the successful actions of the Syrian Arab Army can put an end to the terrorism in the country.

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