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Indonesia Expresses Concerns on its Citizens Returning from Syria

According to the Jakarta Globe, at least 500 Indonesian citizens traveled to Iraq and Syria in 2017 to join the Islamic State.
During the same period, the country’s law enforcement agencies managed to prevent the departure of several dozen Indonesians, who also had intended to take part in hostilities on the side of the extremists. The last major operation was the deportation of 17 people from Turkey including children detained by local authorities when attempting to penetrate into Syria.
According to information available, ISIS organized a separate group in its ranks in Syria that include people from the countries of South-East Asia. Predominantly it consists of the residents of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.
The head of the Indonesian Institute for Conflict Analysis, Sidney Jones, insists the authorities should pay special attention to minors returned with their parents from Syria or tried to get there. He does not exclude that hundreds of children and adolescents are already under the influence of radical ideology.
Unfortunately, the citizens of many countries don’t consider the consequences of joining terror groups. They can’t approach Allah, solve their problems and satisfy their ambitions. Instead, they commit atrocities including terror acts as suicide bombers.
All governments of the world must counteract the spread of the ideas of radicalism and terrorism. Only joint action can oppose this threat.

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