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New Terrorist Attacks in Homs and Damascus suburbs

A powerful explosion hit the suburbs of Damascus on May 23. According to Inside Syria Media Center sources, the incident occurred near one of the checkpoints of the Syrian Arab army not far from the Set Zaynab quarter near the route to the airport in the southern suburb of Damascus. Special services officers identified and destroyed a car with two terrorists.
To be mentioned is that the quarter of Set Zaynab populated mainly by Shiite Muslims is a regular target. Despite the increased security measures, the radicals manage to get into the most densely populated area so that to commit a terrorist attack.

Almost simultaneously, there was a terrorist attack in the city of Homs. Two civilians became the victims of the terrorist attack in the district of Al Zahrain, 40 people were injured. Both gunmen were eliminated.
Terrorist attacks and explosions have repeatedly been condemned in the United Nations and throughout the world. Even the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres opposed any actions aimed at supporting and strengthening terrorists in Syria, as well as at all forms of violence against civilians.
At the moment, the details of the two incidents and the number of victims are being specified. Follow the latest developments at our website.

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