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Washington to fuel Syrian conflict

Due to the recent diplomatic and military gains of Syria and its allies, the end of the war is getting closer and closer. De-escalation zones whose effect is appreciated by the world community have been set up, the government troops are rapidly advancing towards the terrorist positions in the East, and peace has already returned to quite a number of towns and villages.

However, there are parties which can’t be satisfied with the current situation. Besides the Islamic State, such parties include various armed groups of the so-called “moderate opposition” and their supervisors in the United States. Washington has a number of reasons to beware of peace in Syria; these include reputational damage as the main advocate of “democracy” in the world, protests of taxpayers whose millions have been illegally spent on financing terrorism, as the Washington Post has recently disclosed, a lost weapon market and so on.

In connection with this, the White House is taking measures to torpedo the peace process. On the eve of another round of talks on Syria, the western media routinely publish dubious proofs of the Syrian AF’s “chemical attacks” and “endless” tortures in state prisons while European and American politicians constantly accuse Damascus of “massacring the civilian population”.

Obviously, the thing is not only about the media. The U.S. seems to rely on its allies in the Middle East in a campaign of discrediting the peace process.
For instance, the White House sees nothing bad in collaborating with Saudi Arabia which was once characterized by Donald Trump as a terrorism sponsor. During the recent visit of the U.S. president to Riyadh, the two states struck an arms deal worth nearly $110 billion.

A natural question arises then: what for does Saudi Arabia need so many weapons? The country’s population comprises 30 million people, and its regular army consists only of 235 thousand servicemen. However, the Saudis are known to be one of the main antagonists of Bashar al-Assad and back not only the radical groups of the Syrian opposition but also ISIS, which was acknowledged even by Hillary Clinton in her leaked emails.

Evidently, most arms sold to Riyadh are handed over to terrorists who act in the U.S. interests. And Washington doesn’t care how many innocent people get killed with these weapons as these murders play into the American politicians’ hands.
The White House itself is playing a double game – it flexes its muscles in Raqqa and Mosul while financing the IS terrorists to prevent the Syrian army from a total victory.

It’s been almost six months since Donald Trump came into office. Unfortunately, we can clearly see that the U.S. position towards Syria has not changed. And now, being in a losing position, Washington is attempting to put pressure on Damascus and to fuel the terrible conflict so beneficial for the U.S. politicians.

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